Daily horoscope for december 24

It can be fun! Scorpio, take risks and be free.

Daily Horoscope (December 24, 2018)

You can patiently begin to explore new territory in your life. From learning new things to reading books about topics you've never considered studying before, you'll need to be patient with yourself. The crowd may not follow your lead at this time, but solitude can be a blessing in disguise. It gives you the opportunity to focus. Sagittarius, letting go is a process that happens each day.

Perhaps you have to let go of worry or anger, or of the feelings you have about a past love. You can start all over again if you want to in any area of your life that you decide to, but you have to want it first. Think how sweet life can be when you let yourself begin again. The past is an enemy of progress when it holds you back. Forge forward! Capricorn, love of self, people and of whatever your heart is open to can enter your life in a big way today because you're ready and wide open for it.

The World tarot card reveals that you are not only prepared to embrace new things, but you have already started to see how heaven is pouring down opportunities your way and a path is starting to show itself to be a viable journey. Aquarius, take care of yourself. Life can be stressful and it can also teach you how to value your body. When you sense that you are tired or need a break, don't push yourself past that point. Instead, declare you need a rest and take it.

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This can be empowering for you. The Sun reveals that good or bad, things will work themselves out. You may be surprised how others pitch in when you need the extra help. And, if they don't, then it wasn't worth you overextending yourself over anyway. Pisces, live, love and laugh.

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You know this to be true. Life is so short so make the most of each moment that you have. Illustrations by Amanda Lanzone.

Daily horoscope for Monday December 24 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

The moon in Cancer connects with Mars at AM, giving you a second wind late at night—or an energetic early morning start, depending on your time zone. The moon squares off with Uranus at AM, bringing surprises. The moon enters fiery Leo, putting you in a passionate mood.

The moon enters your opposite sign Leo today, Aquarius, bringing your focus to your relationships. Expect surprising conversations to come your way, but sort out the details on another day because confusing energy is in the air. The moon enters Leo today, finding you in a busy mood and tackling your to-do list.

However, communication planet Mercury clashes with your ruling planet Neptune, and confusion is in the air! Keep your itinerary light. The moon enters fellow fire sign Leo today, Aries, finding you in a celebratory mood! In order to know what you have to learn or what you are dealing with when it comes to your heart, being in tune with your inner being will be what empowers you.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Gemini, things take spin and become super personal for you. Accept what you have and embrace what it is that you've been given. You may find that you are much more secure and don't need to make sacrifices at this time. Cancer, this is a time when love may open up for you in an amazing way. You may be meeting new people, or seeing a friendships develop into something more. Leo, be good to yourself. You have so much to offer and give to the right person, that it's not fair to yourself if you choose to settle for less than you deserve. Virgo, home and heart come together happily for you.

You can find your sense of courage and strength by aligning yourself with others that you know and trust.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

Libra, you can learn from others and gain some amazing viewpoints about foreign things that aren't familiar to you, but that you want to learn. New opportunities can come to you and this may be for you to see what is possible so you can narrow it down to what you really want to do. Scorpio, this can be a truly spiritual day for you to see your future in a positive light. You have the ability to tap into your higher wisdom and gain clarity about love, and others.

You may learn how to help a key relationship or gain ground with a person you've been trying to influence to do something that you have advised.

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