Aries january 21 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore

If the lunar cycle were an art school, the full moon would be your critique, when you take a step back and learn what you can do better next time. Your planetary ruler Venus moves into your sign, Libra, on Saturday, putting you in your beautiful and self-indulgent element. There is pleasure in your friendships, and maybe even some cute dates, too.

Your planetary ruler Mars harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of time, and later faces off with deceptive Neptune. There is a way to achieve max productivity, but not everyone wants to do your bidding. Someone out there can help.


Action planet Mars clashes with your planetary ruler Jupiter, the planet of growth, and there is something impulsive and over-the-top happening here—a quick and fastidious leap toward something that can make you look good. The planet of deception, shapeshifting Neptune, is involved, inspiring some mastermind PR stunts. Be honest with yourself about the person you want to be remembered as—consider how it is authentic to your beliefs and your roots.

You are a sign that knows how to get other people to do everything for you, Capricorn, a natural boss.


Action planet Mars harmonizes with taskmaster Saturn your planetary ruler , clashes with expansive Jupiter, and faces off with deceptive Neptune—phew! The full moon illuminates your own bias. Financial insecurity is on the docket as the sun faces off with confusing Neptune, so be honest with yourself about your budget. Your own qualms about money is no reason to pick pointless fights online. Action planet Mars clashes with Jupiter and you can be feeling feisty and frankly too big for your birches.

Listen to your gut when it comes to big purchases.

Turn your dreams into a reality, if you can do it without getting distracted, Pisces! You need a few people to make it happen—some doers, thinkers, and cheerleaders, too. Since Neptune is in your sign, you may be reflecting on what other people value and want, and in turn shape yourself to fit into their box.

Bring it all back to you. Your planetary ruler Mars faces off with deceptive Neptune this week, so avoid acting out things that are simply projections of your own imagination! You may be pushing yourself out of something that was founded on impossibly high standards.

Mars also clashes with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, giving you a lot of energy to make things happen, but be careful not to rub people the wrong way—Jupiter has a tendency to over-exaggerate and things can quickly get out of hand. Again, pace yourself. Your planetary ruler Venus moves into fellow Venus-ruled sign Libra this weekend, bringing pleasure and harmony to your daily routine.

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Your approach to your physical health and relationships with the people you work with can be more appealing to you now. You have really high standards, Taurus, and we love it! Get lost in some art and movies while your friends are feeling very sensitive—the sun faces off with Neptune and people are really taking things personally. Messenger Mercury meets your planetary ruler Venus, and things are romantic and creative.

Go deep into what brings you pleasure, so that you can share it with others this weekend. You have a lot of strength and dedication to transforming your personal life as Mars harmonizes with Saturn, encouraging you to face tough changes responsibly and head-on. Just ride. Mercury meets Venus, bringing sweetness to your doorstep. The full moon lights up your house of career, but its gentle connection with shady Pluto points to potentially secretive or manipulative people!

Protect yourself. Mars connects with taskmaster Saturn, helping you collaborate with others to get your shit done. Use this active energy to get organized and attack your to-do list instead. Talking and getting to know your acquaintances better is more fun and pleasurable as Mercury meets Venus. This weekend the emotional full moon, in combination with Venus and Mercury entering Libra, pulls you back into your shell.

Mars connects with taskmaster Saturn, encouraging you to work and spend responsibly. You have authority over the work that you do. Mars clashes with Jupiter, and you can do some impulse spending on things that bring you pleasure, but the assumption that others will be impressed is not any reason to go into debt. The forecast for March features a shift of inner planets from Pisces t.. For any enquiry, please feel free to contact me. Facebook contact : andi.

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