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There is a very strong possibility that you have met a typical Aquarian. What you are witnessing is the quintessential Aquarian curiosity, which has got nothing to do with digging up your past. All that is there in front of you, is the innocent urge to know everything around him. General Characteristics. Sharp Intellect. In astrology, Aquarius is often referred to as the sign of genius.

Boredom is the biggest malady of people born under this sun sign. An Aquarian has a very fertile mind that needs to be constantly fed with new knowledge, be it about people or machines.

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A large number of Aquarians are seen to prosper in the field of technology. They are good in computers and machines, and are often found to have an eclectic collection of gadgets. Artistic inclination is one of the predominant Aquarius characteristics. They specially excel in drama. A Rebel and a Reformist. However, don't be fooled by this tranquil exterior. Aquarians are essentially rebels and non-conformists.

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For an Aquarian, there is always a scope for change. He is a born thinker , who can visualize the future with amazing clarity. In the world of astrology, this is a common refrain - ' Aquarians see today what the world sees 50 years later '. The universal water bearer that represents this sun sign, is a person for the masses.

He stands for revolution for the greater benefit of mankind. From his jug, the water bearer pours out water, like ideas that come out of an unrestrained mind, that can see tomorrow and beyond, while the rest of us are still struggling with the travails of today. Aquarians are idealists, however, without blind faith.

They are people with original ideas and strong convictions. One of the negative Aquarius characteristics is their stubbornness. Unpredictable Nature. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which symbolizes unpredictability. Just as you might think that it is the crowd in which your Aquarian friend finds solace, you might see him go into morose spells of loneliness, during which he meditates and contemplates over the newly acquired knowledge. Meditation is one of the typical characteristics of an Aquarian.

It helps him retain his sharp sense of perception. Humanitarian Leanings. It is their ability and need to interact with people that helps them develop a keen understanding of the plight of the ostracized and the elite alike. This gives individuals of this air sign strong humanitarian leanings. As they go about mingling with the masses with enviable ease, and soaking up all information that comes by with their keen senses, their desire to improve the plight of the downtrodden becomes stronger. Often seen as tactless and rebellious , it is here that their love for freedom comes in great use.

In their quest to question authority and set norms, we see the Aquarians' unparalleled zeal and courage to stand against injustice and fight the cause of the underdog. Love for Debate. The Aquarian love for debate is legendary. Despite the stubborn streak, an Aquarian is more open to listening and thinking than any other sun sign. Exchange of ideas is the much required mental workout that an Aquarian desperately needs.

Be it an Aquarian male or a female, it is the intellect more than exterior appearance or physical fitness that excites this individual. It is no wonder then, that although an Aquarian would pounce on any chance for discussion and arguments, he would promptly shy away when called for physical activity.

Scorpio : you should be creeped out. Once I planned how to successfully get away with a murder because I was bored. Sagittarius: not verbal talk, actually talking. Verbal talk is like a diary with Tom fucking Riddle inside it. Capricorn: …. Pieces: Cats are making your inner poet jump out. Just imagine the Aquarius being crazy af and Aries encouraging and fueling the craziness.

I like this pairing!!

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Me and my SO have Aries moon and Aqua moons. No need to apologize! I can work with just sun signs, lol, it just might be the most accurate. This is a really fun combo! High intensity, lot of spark. Both are fairly independent as well, shocking considering how much pda this couple will give off.

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Aries just has to watch their tempers, and Aquas need to do their best not to over-analyze their partner, otherwise, a fairly good couple. At first, it was nothing really special. She was quiet, shy even. She had a soft voice and a not-so-grand personality.

It was nothing special at all. Just another plain Jane. But as time gone by, he saw her open up. He never realized how much energy she had until she started to talk to friends of his. But maybe, just maybe, with his creative energy, and her daring, try anything attitude, it could be. She fixed her blouse accordingly. She cared too much how she presented herself, he realized and frowned.

What a disappointment. She stared at him blankly before giggling. He frowned for a second, before chuckling.

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But how long can you keep it up for without being swept up by the others? I think this is more of a friendship then a romance thing. Just some playful banter between the two characters. I have yet to decide what moon and such signs for James. I think Arianna will be based off of my signs but how I see the signs, not how I see myself.

Because I am nothing like the Libra rising, which I tried to portray a bit more in this. Without the charming part of course. I think the boldness of an Aries sun and and delicacy of a Libra rising balanced each other out really well! This can be either a highly stressful or highly exciting pair. Some worries could show over emotional areas, though.

Open communication is key here, because emotional needs might get pushed to the side in favor of attractions.

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Both crave intimacy, they just have different methods. Both need to learn how to properly communicate their emotions with each other. But otherwise, it can definitely work. I wish you guys the best of luck! It will last if the both of you truly fall in love with each other. Good communication and realistic and healthy expectations for yourselves will do lots of good as well.

But please head this warning and never force yourself to love him and make sure he knows that as well. If it will work, the forces of the natural universe will make it happen so naturally. Log in Sign up. Some of my favorite zodiac couples. Originally posted by astrologyexplained Originally posted by technicallyhomeless Originally posted by rebeeeccax Originally posted by thatcuterelationshipiwant Originally posted by astrology-zone Originally posted by give-in-to-the-satisfaction Originally posted by wonderlandgirlforever Originally posted by adventures-of-a-lost-girl Requested.

Astrology aquarius x aries aries x aquarius zodiac signs gif. On reflection, who calls on the Rockefellers? Your own friends would love your being original, but plain engraving is probably more acceptable. At least I think it should be. But still — well…. You can see the Libran female is nothing if not fair, and committed to balanced judgment all around. Other women might toss off opinions that reflect their own individual natures, and seldom care much about what you think, or about a fair answer.

Most Venus girls work both before and after marriage. They seek cash for the lovely things it can buy. The Libra bird needs lots of fine feathers for her luxurious nest.

She loves beautiful clothes, expensive perfumes, classical music and — did somebody say she was masculine? Yes, I did. One side of her. But you will barely notice her hard head when it wears such pretty hair-dos. Mostly, Libran women need plentiful sums of money to remove them from the squalor and ugliness of discordant surroundings, which can actually make them emotionally and physically ill.

Her man. She hates to play solitaire. Partnerships, in both business and romance, constitute her deepest need. Libra women who visit astrologers have only two questions they really care about. Her nature is built for teamwork. You really have to give her credit. She simply wants to remove all the stones in his path. The average Libra female is highly intellectual and has amazing powers of analysis, which can be a real help in solving your business problems. She seldom lets her emotions keep her from dispassionate decision or a balanced view, and she can usually give you better advice than your banker.

Naturally, her abilities along these lines can cover a multitude of vices. An Aries, Scorpio, Leo or Taurus man will normally put his Libran wife on a pedestal and worship her. Outsiders who visit the love nest of a properly mated Libran and her husband may feel as though they were seeing Adam and Eve, before the snake came along and spoiled everything. Two Librans wed to each other invariably become cooing lovebirds or snarling adversaries.

Your home may look like one of those stylish interior magazines. The colors will harmonize, and the furniture will be in good taste. Pictures will hang straight, and meals will usually be served on time. With most Venus girls you can also count on cloth napkins, sterling silver, flowers on the table, good china, candlelight, wine, soft music and a balanced menu. That dear, womanly little creature is composed of nine parts steel.

Who really does it, that is.